Introducing Absorb LMS Version 5

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 at 11:00 AM-noon MDT (GMT -7)
Register today: 

Blatant^, makers of the multi-award-winning learning management system, Absorb LMS, has just released a major upgrade. Absorb LMS version 5.0 contains more than 400 new features and enhancements including:

• Mobile (responsive HTML5) administrator interface with an all new look and feel
• New administrative dashboards and widgets
• Multi-language admin interface
• Significant security enhancements including administrator audit trails
• Major performance improvements built on new architecture and overall optimization
• Flexible competency models and certification enhancements
• Enhanced reporting functionality
• Advanced exam authoring
• Expanded course administration/ownership rights
• New “mass actions” for user and course management
• And hundreds more!

The release of Absorb 5.0 positions Absorb as the best LMS for organizations looking for ease-of-use, multi-language support, security, robust functionality and a great user experience at a fair price.

Join Richard Nantel, VP, Enterprise Learning Solutions for this fast-paced overview of Absorb LMS 5.

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